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  • AT1


    The AT1 is a simple but functional GPS tracker designed for a variety of uses including fleet services, freight operations, high-value asset tracking, and special needs individuals. A rechargeable 6,000mAh internal battery allows for an operation time of around 25 days, and its durable, waterproof casing is perfect for even the toughest environments.

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  • FMP100


    2G Plug & Play tracker connected via cigarette lighter socket

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  • GT06N


    The GT06N GPS vehicle tracker is trusted by customers around the world for its rich feature set and durability. From standard tracker telematics like GPS tracking and ACC status to more advanced functions like an SOS button and audio monitoring, the GT06N has them all.

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  • O-100

    • Smart Crash Detection.
    • Plug and Play.
    • Remote Data Logging, When No GPS.
    • Small In Size.
    • Compatible with Driver Behaviour Analysis.
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  • PG201


    The PG201 is an intelligent personal tracker designed to handle on-site personnel management ranging from sanitation workers to field staff and beyond. It’s also a portable terminal for its light and compact size, and it supports two-way communication. In addition to these features, the multiple positioning systems will enable the PG201 to position faster and more accurately.

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  • Prithvi AIS 140

    • SOS/ Panic Button
    • 800mAh Large Battery Backup
    • 60000 Tracking Records with Solid-State Storage
    • Real-time tracking with IRNSS/GPS/GLONASS
    • Dust & Waterproof (ABS Plastic casing with IP66)
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  • Wetrack 140


    AIS 140 Certified


    Remote Cut-Off (Fuel/Power)

    50,000 Data Storage

    Panic Button

    Embedded e-SIM

    Driver Behavior Analysis

    IP66 Dust & Water Resistance

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