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OPTRACK is the most comprehensive fleet management solution in the market today. We go above and beyond the competitors to provide,

  • GPS Tracking: Track fleet vehicles via any web enabled computer using the latest GPS/AVL technology.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Know when scheduled maintenance or Manufacturer recall service is required.
  • User defined maintenance alerts based on speed, events, geo violation alerts with email or text message.
  • Avoid costly repairs: Receive instant alerts with last service date and next service date before problem arises.
  • Speeding by posted speed limit: Receive an instant alert when your vehicle travels “X” kmph over the speed limit.
  • Detailed Reporting: Analyze fleet using 15 interactive reports in four different formats (html, csv, xml and email).
  • Lower fuel costs: Analyze fuel economy and monitor idle time and running time via detailed fleet-wide reports.
  • No extra hardware required: Transform your mobile phone to a personal GPS tracker.
  • Open architecture: Integrate our data with third party applications for routing, dispatching, fleet maintenance etc.

All the data is constantly monitored and reported to the supervisor instantly. The most data with the best return on investment possible is our GPS tracking solution. ROI is more than 100 times

OPTRACK is bringing true field resource management to sales and service industry by helping supervisors reduce operational expenses, increase efficiency, increase accountability and manage risk. We provide all the typical location based services you would expect from GPS product.

OPTRACK provides standout features like:

  1. Optrack will track your resources in real time.
  2. 4 Different mapping options.
  3. MIS reports – Individual and Groups.
  4. Performance Reports.
  5. Start/Stop Report
  6. Distance traveled report.
  7. Daily Shift Reports. (Web version only)
  8. Geofencing. (Web version with dedicated account)

Advantages :

  1. If internet connection is lost, your data is stored on the device and uploads it later.
  2. Automatic startup on phone restart.
  3. Application runs in background.
  4. Support system in place for your queries.
  5. Virtual Maps and Live mapping.