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  • BL10


    The all new BL10 GPS bike lock is a cost-effective solution for securing shared bicycles. Developed by experienced innovators, this discreet lock helps keep the bike secure, track the bike’s location, and also allows the bike to be locked and unlocked via Bluetooth. Alerts can be triggered and sent to the operator if the bike leaves designated areas that you set. Monthly usage reports can be sent via email, platform or app to the operator, giving you crucial insight into the usage history of the bicycle. This next-generation device has been improved to have lower power consumption and longer battery life.

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  • FMB 209


    2G tracker with RS232 interface certified for transport in India

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  • FMB020


    2G ultra-small Plug & Play tracker for a wide range of use cases

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  • JM-VG02U


    The JM-VG02U is an OBD II vehicle tracker that can be installed effortlessly. With the built-in 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and a practical algorithm, it can detect 8 types of improper driving behaviors and prevent dark spots, even in areas with poor GPS signals. Its improved system of alerts increases the safety of both the drivers and the vehicle, while at the same time reducing false alerts.

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  • JM-VG03


    Supporting a 9-90V voltage range, the JM-VG03 GPS tracker series work suitably with a wide range of vehicles. Thanks to its inbuilt large antenna and compact size, it delivers faster and more accurate positions and can be hidden-installed. In addition to its general features, alerts of power supply disconnection and tamper are pluses for anti-theft.

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  • Wetrack 140


    AIS 140 Certified


    Remote Cut-Off (Fuel/Power)

    50,000 Data Storage

    Panic Button

    Embedded e-SIM

    Driver Behavior Analysis

    IP66 Dust & Water Resistance

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