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Track and Trace

The basic track and trace solution offered by Optrack is a cloud-based platform that gives fleets of any size access to real-time tracking as well as reporting capabilities. It is simple to use and inexpensive, and it enables businesses to improve the efficiency of their fleets, lower their costs, and increase their level of safety.

The following capabilities are included in the track and trace solution as part of the basic offering:

  • Tracking in real time allows you to view an up-to-date map of your fleet’s location at any given moment.
  • View the location history of your vehicles, including where they have been and for how long they have been there. This feature is referred to as “historical tracking.”
  • Using geofences, you can receive alerts whenever one of your vehicles enters or exits a particular area by simply creating geofences around that area.
  • Reporting: Create reports on the activity of the vehicles, including the mileage driven, the amount of fuel consumed, and the amount of time spent idling.

Businesses who are searching for a straightforward and cost-effective method to keep track of their fleet cars may want to consider the basic track and trace system as an alternative. It is also an excellent choice for companies who are just getting started with GPS tracking and want to begin with a solution that is very simple.

The following is a list of some of the ways in which companies can utilise Optrack’s simple track and trace solution:

  • The solution can be used by a transportation business to determine the location of its delivery cars at any given time. This might be of use to the business in ensuring that deliveries are carried out on schedule and in providing clients with projected arrival timings.
  • The method can be used by a construction company to determine the position of its construction vehicles and equipment at any given time. This might assist the organisation in preventing theft as well as keeping projects on track to meet their deadlines.
  • A retail company can use the solution to geofence the areas around its stores and track the location of its delivery cars. Additionally, the company can use the solution to track the location of its delivery vehicles. This can assist the organisation ensure that deliveries are completed on time and give notifications to clients when their packages are getting close to being delivered.

The basic track and trace solution offered by Optrack is, all things considered, a straightforward and cost-effective approach for organisations to keep tabs on their fleet cars. It can assist firms enhance their fleet efficiency, thereby lowering their costs and increasing their level of safety.