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Category: OBD Devices

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  • FMB001


    2G tracker with OBD & OBD OEM data reading

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  • FMB003


    Get real odometer & real fuel level data

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  • JM-VG02U


    The JM-VG02U is an OBD II vehicle tracker that can be installed effortlessly. With the built-in 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and a practical algorithm, it can detect 8 types of improper driving behaviors and prevent dark spots, even in areas with poor GPS signals. Its improved system of alerts increases the safety of both the drivers and the vehicle, while at the same time reducing false alerts.

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  • O-100

    • Smart Crash Detection.
    • Plug and Play.
    • Remote Data Logging, When No GPS.
    • Small In Size.
    • Compatible with Driver Behaviour Analysis.
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  • VG502


    The VG502 is an easy-to-install OBDII GPS tracker designed for company/official cars, private cars, and usage-based insurance. Featuring the driving behavior analysis (DBA) leveraging the UBI-based algorithm, this device can accurately analyze any of 4 kinds of dangerous driving behavior and support the all-around monitoring of vehicles’ real-time status. With on-board diagnostics, multiple positioning systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and the suite of event-triggered alerts, the VG502 is an ideal solution for both fleet management and private use.

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