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Innovative Technology and Ease of Use


Alert when service required for the vehicle so fleets can proactively schedule maintenance and prevent breakdowns.

Route Violation:

Helps manage reduction in fuel consumption by providing route violation alerts.

Plug and Play:

Devices provided by us are plug and play for most of the vehicles.


Secure login 24/7 access to fleet information with multiple users and customer defined privileges.


Scalable reporting solution allows you to schedule real time alerts daily, weekly or monthly for speed thresholds, geo-fence violation, speeding, odd hour breaches and more.


Data can be easily integrated with most devices available in the market.

Installation Network:

We train and certify our own installation partners. This ensures your unit is installed correctly by certified installer.

Lower operating Costs

Reduce fuel costs:

  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage by verifying start and stop locations.
  • Monitor speeding – Lower speeding to 75kmph is proven to save 10% in fuel costs.
  • Reduce idle time by 30-50% by educating drivers on the costs associated.

Reduce maintenance expenses:

Schedule regular maintenance using automated reminders. Maintain a complete online service history including recall notices.

Lower insurance costs:

Use our reports to document safe driving behavior. Reduce accident risks with improved vehicle maintenance. Use stolen vehicle recovery to apply for anti theft discounts.

Increase Productivity

Improve labour efficiency:

  • Reduce overtime hours by verifying timesheet entries.
  • Reduce regular hours by improving productivity.
  • Eliminate the needs to check timecards manually.
  • Eliminate wasted time looking for misplaced vehicles.

Optimize vehicle routing:

  • Review and analyze routes traveled in order to shorten paths taken.
  • Analyze driving patterns and historical location history.
  • Streamline work shifts by choosing routes that optimize workers schedules.
  • Use time saved to perform more jobs each day and increase revenue.

Improve vehicle utilization

Reduce total number of vehicles:

  • Monitor when vehicles start/stop and routing to determine if every vehicle is needed.
  • Thorough proactive maintenance, keep vehicles running longer and improve resale value.

Eliminate unauthorized usage:

  • Monitor after hours vehicle usage to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Use geo-fence to monitor vehicle movement in and out of restricted areas.
  • View vehicle activity and history reports to improve utilization.
  • Eliminate unnecessary or unauthorized stops.