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  • FMB001


    2G tracker with OBD & OBD OEM data reading

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  • FMP100


    2G Plug & Play tracker connected via cigarette lighter socket

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  • GH5200


    Autonomous 2G tracker for personal security and workforce management

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  • GT06N


    The GT06N GPS vehicle tracker is trusted by customers around the world for its rich feature set and durability. From standard tracker telematics like GPS tracking and ACC status to more advanced functions like an SOS button and audio monitoring, the GT06N has them all.

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  • JM-VG03


    Supporting a 9-90V voltage range, the JM-VG03 GPS tracker series work suitably with a wide range of vehicles. Thanks to its inbuilt large antenna and compact size, it delivers faster and more accurate positions and can be hidden-installed. In addition to its general features, alerts of power supply disconnection and tamper are pluses for anti-theft.

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  • LC-100

    • High Gain GPS and GSM Antenna
    • Internal Battery Assistance
    • Remote Data logging
    • High Accuracy Motion Sensor
    • Ignition Sense and Remote Immobilization
    • SOS Enabled*
    • FOTA Upgradation
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  • LG300


    The LG300 is a 2G wireless tracker designed to handle industrial and commercial applications ranging from rental agencies and fleet management to freight transportation and more. Featuring multiple positioning systems and a high-capacity battery, the LG300 is ideal for persistent tracking of vehicles or cargo, and the device also supports remote monitoring of your assets via SMS or network.

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  • VG502


    The VG502 is an easy-to-install OBDII GPS tracker designed for company/official cars, private cars, and usage-based insurance. Featuring the driving behavior analysis (DBA) leveraging the UBI-based algorithm, this device can accurately analyze any of 4 kinds of dangerous driving behavior and support the all-around monitoring of vehicles’ real-time status. With on-board diagnostics, multiple positioning systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and the suite of event-triggered alerts, the VG502 is an ideal solution for both fleet management and private use.

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  • WeTrack2


    The WeTrack2 is a vehicle tracker manufactured to meet the needs of e-scooter and motorcycle tracking. It is equipped with a highly reliable electric circuit design and complies with electronics industry standards. Providing functions such as remote fuel cut-off, geo-fence function, and over-speed warning, the WeTrack2 provides crucial visibility into the status of the vehicle and the behavior of its driver.

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