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The LG300 is a 2G wireless tracker designed to handle industrial and commercial applications ranging from rental agencies and fleet management to freight transportation and more. Featuring multiple positioning systems and a high-capacity battery, the LG300 is ideal for persistent tracking of vehicles or cargo, and the device also supports remote monitoring of your assets via SMS or network.

GPS & BDS & LBS Positioning
A synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures that locations are accurately displayed on the cloud platform.
Multiple Working Modes
Configurable working modes according to your actual demands.
Low Battery Alert
Users’ll be alerted when the remaining battery power of the device falls below 20%.
Tamper Alert
Receive a tamper alert when the light sensor detects device removal.
Sound-Triggered Alert
The device can send an alarm and automatically turn on audio recording after detecting noise.
Remote Audio Recording
Audio recording can be activated through the platform on demand.
Remote Update
Support updating the device firmware via the delta over-the-air update (OTA).
10,000mAh Rechargeable Battery
High-capacity battery supports long standby applications, and is easily recharged for re-deployment.
Use Cases

Vehicle Rental
Fleet management


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