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  • GPS aid for cold storage transport

    The implementation of a GPS monitoring system designed specifically for cold storage transport presents a viable solution for firms seeking to monitor the precise position and temperature conditions of their refrigerated vehicles in real-time. This data can be utilised to enhance operational effectiveness, diminish expenses, and guarantee the secure transportation of temperature-sensitive commodities. GPS tracking…

  • FMB020


    ULTRA-SMALL CASING 29.1 mm width casing allows this device to fit perfectly in any car EFFORTLESS PLUG & PLAY INSTALLATION Simply plug the device in OBD-II port and start tracking ECO DRIVING SCENARIO FOR ALL-ROUND BETTER DRIVING Achieve efficient fuel consumption, prolong vehicle life and increase road safety with eco driving scenario

  • FMP100


    CUSTOM BUILT-IN BUTTON Press the button and generate an alarm event in case of an accident or use it as a switch for Private/Business trips DEVICE STATUS AND VEHICLE EVENTS Built-in RGB LED and buzzer help a driver know the device status and the events of a vehicle CHARGER FOR EXTERNAL DEVICES Practical feature suitable…